J.D. Welch - User Experience Design

Hi, I'm J.D.

I am a creative directing reformer* and I make user interfaces and experiences great. I've got about 12 years experience across a variety of platforms, organizations and industries. I produce work with a strong style focused on simplicity, clarity and usability.

I have the ability to succeed within any brand or technology system, and I play nice with engineering teams, bridging the traditional chasm between designers and developers, which means instead of making comps I'm writing code to communicate the experience.

I produce my best work and am happiest when I'm working on an intricate, technically complex problem that demands all of my versatility, speed and quality.

I spend my spare time (what little there is) making things: photographs, paintings, knitted objects, bread, and overly complicated food.

I used to write about art, and for some reason, I get a lot of traffic there still.

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This term comes from a business development thing my team did recently. I like it, and think it actually does sum me up pretty well.