J.D. Welch - User Experience Design


I don't just make art, I talk about it, too.

Studying art history was perfect for me. I tried design (for theater) and fine art (painting), but found producing work for mediocre instructors tiresome. 'Those that can't do, teach' is unforunately often the case in these fields. But academia is the natural environment of the art historian, and I had the opportunity to study with many accomplished authors and researchers. I was able to gain a wide knowledge of aesthetics and theory, and in my spare time practice my craft in design for paying clients.


"OK, Cancel"
"Frank Gehry's Awful Stata Center at MIT"
"Notes on bobrauschenbergamerica"


"Alfred Jensen : Concordance"
"Xiaoze Xie and Marcus Harvey"
"Gerhard Richter : Forty Years of Painting"
"Tracy Miller : New Paintings"

Contemporary American Art and Architecture

"Art is the Discourse About Itself"
"Ascetic Aesthetics : Inigo Manglano-Ovalle and the Deconstruction of Science"
"Inside Outside Upside Down : The Architecture of Barbara Kruger"
"A Study of Lousie Nevelson's Transparent Sculpture VII"
"Reinventing the Architecture of the Metropolitain Museum of Art"
"Philip Johnson's Neuberger Museum of Art"

African Art

"En/Gendered Power : A "nkisi" from the Metropolitain Museum of Art"
"Constructing Power : Assemblage and Personal Empowerment"
"Christian Influence on Kongo Religious and Royal Arts"
"Brothers and Bush Negroes : Two Views of the Suriname Maroons"
"Synthesized Africana : The Diaspora in Brazil"
"Forever at the Crossroads : Vodou, Santeria and the Fesival Arts of the Caribbean"


"The Other Fab Four : Collaboration and Neo-Dada"
"Camp Iconography and Gender Performance: Rauschenberg 1955-61"
"Antiquity, Sexuality and Technology in the work of Robert Rauschenberg"